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I just feel broken..I feel broken and sad I hardly come here anymore because it just reminds me to much of old times with old friends in GDBB..Plus I lost a friend there to,but even so that doesn't matter to me much..But I still miss everyone in GDBB..I wish things could be the same way again..And if I was granted one wish,I'd wish for GDBB to come back to life.
  • Mood: Sadness

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Alice Liddell
Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
My da ID belongs to
Full images of me from the back and front of what I'm wearing okay peeps? I ain't wearing no dress I'm wearing dis

Back of my outfit~ Front of my outfit~
RQ: shhh by funkitty Alice by Kio-kio

My real account :iconbishotic-lantis:.

((Admin: Hello peeps..Any who..This is an Alice Liddell account and yes she's more like an insane Alice..So if she does something to make you angry then oh well i'm not gonna change her just because you want her different so get over yourself. And i don't want to hear either that she's to "OOC" or that she'd never act like this. Also if you try to hack this account i will go seriously crazy on yo ass okay?! If you don't like the way i RP as Alice then guess what? FUCKING MAKE YOUR OWN GOD DAMN ACCOUNT AND LEAVE ME ALONE! I am going to portray Alice as i want not as you want the world does not evolve around you sorry.))

:iconxxask-jeffthekiller: My wonderful boyfriend :iconilovehimplz: and If you even try to hurt him I'll hurt you and send your soul to hell and beyond worst even that >>

:iconask-shyjanethekiller: My adopted sister~ I love her so much~ :aww:. And if you hurt her one bit you will die an instant death!

:iconaskwinterkiller: Hurt her and I will surely send you're soul to hell! :pissed:

:iconask-jane-the-killer: Jane's my other adopted sister lol she can be a little mean but she's okay ^^

:iconreal-smiledog: D'aww Smiley's so cute! :iconcuteblushplz:

:iconask--samara: We're friends :D

:iconcreepypasta-liu: We're friends :)

:icondeathwolfblood: Death My friend ^^

:iconslothulu: Sloth my friend :D

:iconask-jeff:This is a past Jeff..He's alright he's fucking hilarious to XD well in my opinion anyway~..Any who if you go to his account thinking he's gonna be supers nice then think again he's verbally abusive to cry baby's XD and yes i said he was funny but I'm not a cry baby and whatever he says to me that may make some of you cry i just think it's hilarious plus I'd like to use it as future references XD.

:iconask--sonic-exe: My Master~ :D he's so so sweet~
I-I mean fear him!..

:icontherealtailsdoll: Hmph you act like such a child but I still care for you and your like a brother to me..

:iconask-jeff-da-killer: Listen you little shit I only accept you cause my sister's dating you but listen here If you ever and I mean ever hurt her I'll fucking rip you to shreds!

:iconloltorigirl: Another one of my friends ^^

I'm her aunty ^^

:iconask-gengar: My friend Gengar :)

:iconask-red-angry-bird: My pet bird :)

My favorite stamps~
cute or ... not by waad11
Stamp: Sanity by ChibiZexion-VI Insanity Stamp by CorruptTempest

Haters gonna Hate by SparkLum Insane Stamp by Shelly-oneechan

I'm Insane and Proud STAMP by SilverSheCat

Stamp Insane and damn proud by DieNaerrin :thumb162333949:

A Little Insane... -STAMP- by AngelEeveeLover The good kind of insane.. by shebid

Cheshire Cat Stamp by pixelworlds Stamp - I'm crazy,deal with it by Rittik

I'm Not Insane by holls STAMP: Padded Cell Any1? CLMC1 by Emotikonz

Fun Insane Stamp by JetProwerTheFox :thumb132978145:

I Can't Believe It Stamp by P0W4H-L4D33 Insane by ManicStamps

:thumb167988623: :thumb167988623:

.INSANE. by TheseKrimzonFlames :thumb174663982:

If looks could kill stamp by quazo I Killed a Man With This Stamp by Nuvvola

Twilight Sucks Stamp by YellowCat5

Kill It With Fire! Stamp by Famicom25 Urge to Kill Rising by snakeandladders

Daily... by prosaix Never... by prosaix

You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostamps I'm Random Stamp by tonyle414

:icondeathwolfblood::iconwasplz::iconhereplz: (12/18/2012)

Oh I'm so gonna kill your sorry ass Death >>

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inactive account, I no longer RP her anymore, too many bad memories...
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inactive account, I no longer RP her anymore, too many bad memories...
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